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Today's top places to visit

Sailor Moon Themed Yukatas: This Week in Japan

Sailor Moon Themed Yukatas In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you… for looking devilishly stunning in these Sailor Moon themed Yukatas! Kimono-maker Kyoto Marubeni is coming in to save us from the heat this summer by releasing the most beautiful Sail

Beach in Fukushima Reopens After 8 Years: This Week in Japan

Fukushima beach reopens after 8 years After the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit north-eastern Japan, Haragamaobama beach in the Fukushima Prefecture has finally reopened to the public. Like Haragamaobama, several other beaches were ravaged by

Why Oita Should Be On Your Next Itinerary To Japan

 Tucked away on the eastern coast of Kyushu island, Oita Prefecture has many attractions suitable for all types of tourists. While the average visitor may only visit this area for their amazing onsen (hot spring) culture, there is a lot more to this prefectur

Wearing a Kimono

Kimono's are worn for big Japanese traditional and cultural events. While I was in Ashikaga I saw some mothers wearing them for their children's opening ceremonies for the start of the school year in the Spring. I also saw Japanese travelers wearing Kimonos ar

Ashikaga's Majestic Wisterias

Landscape out from a story book, a fairytale scenery  come to life…Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture is a magnificent place to witness the airy purple, mauve and delicate Fuji.Wisteria is called Fuji in Japanese and holds prevalence in Japanese tradi

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo is massive. The most massive city I've ever seen/been in. Bangkok (my current home) is also big, but not as densely populated with buildings and people and modern technology. I always knew Tokyo was big, but you never really know how big something is unt